Sprockets are the main product of Métaux Coulés BC inc.
We have in hands many patterns with wich we can provide
more than 10000 different parts, for most of all existing chains.
We also can make it to order for special ones.
We can supply in many materials: Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Bronzes, Polimeric, etc...
You will see, following on this page, some examples.
Standards Sprockets

We keep in stock many sprockets in cast iron or steel, mostly for 2.609pitch chains, ready for shipping (Rough Bore). We also can machine those parts for your needs, in a short time delay. For parts not kept in stock, we also can provide a good delivery delay, depending of quantities and material needs. 

Drag Chain Sprockets


Also availlable with saver Rims and/or split type.

Split type″ Sprockets
split_type_sh All our sprockets and idlers can be supplied « split type » with B or C hubs.
« SH » style hub is used for all low diameter parts , and for most of « ROLLER CHAIN » sprockets where the diameter is not too large. For these last ones , an extra place to bolt on is added farther on parting line
«STH» style hub is, as regards, mostly used for cast iron parts (including ones for drag chain). It is also used for some large diameter « engineering class » steel sprockets and idlers..
Ajustables Sprockets
Adjustable sprockets are mostly offered for 81X and 131 series. It is also possible for us, on request, to supply other series. Usually, they are made of STEEL, but we can also fabricate those parts in CAST IRON or STAINLESS STEEL, even in BRONZE if it is necessary.

Those sprockets , principally ones with « split » hub , are appreciated for fast replacement on long shafts , and the possibility to install many parts with precise tooth alingment. When the rim is worn, it is easy and fast to replace it by another, the hub staying in place.

Shear Pin″ Sprockets
Shear pin sprockets provide a simple protection against expensive machinery damage caused by overloads or jamming. Torque is transmitted by a single pin, necked to shear when the safe load is exceeded. When an overload occurs, the pin shears, disconnecting the drive immediately. Then only the hub is turning into a bronze bushing, protecting the kit from damaging before the drive stopping.

 Hub is generally made in cast iron, the bushing in SAE660 bronze, and the sprocket itself can be fabricated in STEEL, CAST IRON , or STAINLESS STEEL. In that last case, the hub and all other mounting parts are in stainless steel too, except where otherwise stated (the bushing stays always in bronze).

Sectionnal RimSprockets

Sectional rim sprockets and traction wheels are offered for all “engineering class” series.

Usually, they are made of STEEL or CAST IRON , but we can also fabricate those parts in STAINLESS STEEL, even in BRONZE if it is necessary.

These parts can be supplied with either solid or split hubs. When the rim is worn, it is easy and fast to replace it by another, the hub staying in place. Sprockets can be , on request, fabricated for reversible segments.

Roller Chain Sprockets


We can fabricate , on request , all non standard sprockets for roller chains , single or multiple, whatever material you want : STEEL , STAINLESS STEEL , BRONZE , etc… At the same time, we can also bore through the parts as per your specifications, whatever hub wanted.

We fabricate , on request , segmental rims to fit on large drums , mostly in steel , for chains No 80 and over. Depends of outside and inside diameters, the parts will be supply in variable quantity of segment.



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